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     All items purchased from, Hydro Heaven Spas & Stoves, and Sparific Cleaning Services are guaranteed to be in good quality. All items purchased on-line are shipped within 3 days of receiving the order. If for any reason an item is not available at the time of shipment you will be nodified prior to shipping the rest of your order.

Return Policy

     Your satisfaction is our top priority. You may send back almost any product that is not to your satisfaction. The following conditions apply:

1) The product must be new and in salable condition and you must send it back within ten business days of receiving it. If the product is used, you may send it back only if it is defective and covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Examples of products covered by manufacturer's warranty are spa filters (one year) and spa covers (three years). Normal wear and tear is not covered by any warranty. For questions about warranties, email us at You must have a return authorization number written on the outside of the box. You can obtain a return authorization number by calling us at 805-473-2205 (Monday - Friday, 10AM-5PM Pacific Time). Returns without return authorization numbers will be returned to you. You are responsible for all return shipping and insurance costs (insurance is required on returns). 

2) A Special Word about Spa Cover Shipping. Spa covers cost more to ship because they are much bigger and bulkier than anything UPS or the other parcel carriers can handle. Therefore, they have to be shipped by commercial freight carriers via large trucks. Typically, commercial charges reflect size, weight, shipping distance and the type of delivery address. Commercial locations such as warehouses or retail stores tend to be closer to major highways and are often easier to access than residential areas, so commercial carriers charge more to deliver to residential addresses.


Q. I ended up with a rash after a few of my friends and I got in the spa together, but not all of us ended up with it..., what is it?

There is a possibility it could be Pseudomonas. Pseudomonas is a common problem in warm water pools and spas in particular. Fortunately the most common symptom is an itchy rash. It is often confused with bug bites (often complaints are received that a hotel has "bed bugs"), chicken pox, and other types of rashes. It can be much more serious including severe rashes requiring hospitalization, ear infections, urinary and vaginal infections, and probably most serious is pneumonia. There are two kinds of Pseudomonas outbreaks. Most often seen is what some call transitory Pseudomonas contamination of a spa. About 15% of the population have Pseudomonas as a naturally part of the flora and fauna of their skin. When a "party" occurs in the spa, all the disinfectant is used up and the organism is spread to everyone in the tub from the carrier. Because the hot water opens up the pores, the Pseudomonas can enter the pores, "follicles", in the skin, even of the carrier, and will cause the Pseudomonas Folliculitis problems. Once the party is over, everyone gets out, the spa can reestablish the disinfectant residual and the organisms are killed before setting up residence in the spa. The second kind problem is when Pseudomonas sets up residence in your spa. If the disinfectant residual is not re-established soon enough, the organism can set up residence in the water. This is a much more serious problem for maintenance. Once it sets up residence, it covers itself with a slime layer to protect itself against the chlorine. It likes to set up residence on surfaces, and is often found in areas of low flow. Sometimes in such large amounts that one can scoop out a handful of the stuff. Generally super-chlorinating will eliminate most infestations. As a prophylactic measure one can drain the spa after several hours of high chlorine, and brush and scrub the spa with a 200-ppm solution of chlorine. The key is to brush and break up the protective layer. Conscientious maintenance of disinfectant is the best procedure, don't let it set up residence in the first place, and kill it before it passes from person-to-person.

Q. Why doesn't my bromine register on my tester even though my floater is full?

There is two explanations for this fairly easy to fix issue. If you just refilled your spa you may have forgotten to use a 2 ounce packet of sodium bromide, without this key ingredient your bromine tablets won't work effectively or register on your tester. If you have had your water in the spa for a couple of months and you used sodium bromide to start, it's possible that you haven't been shocking the water in your spa frequently enough. Non-Chlorine shock treatments do two things, clarify water and rebuild the bromide reserve in your spa water so that the bromine tabs register on your tester.  

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